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Timber Harvesting

MountainTop Timber provides timber services for new construction, commercial or private harvesting, and fire safety clearance. With MTT, create easements and roads for access to property. Remove individual trees to provide better growing conditions for other plants. Thinning areas will allow for more sunlight and extra space to give remaining trees more ideal growing conditions.

MountainTop Timber foresters are willing to work with landowners of all kinds to help achieve the desired management goals. When considering harvesting timer to generate revenue, improve wildlife habitat, improve forest productivity; or to achieve other objectives, our staff is willing and able to handle the job.

Any invasive or unwanted species, as well as tall trees that are close to homes and other structures can be removed to reduce the chance of damage. Trails can be created to allow better access and function to the land. Methods used for removing timber include conventional and cutting-edge mechanized ground-based systems, and cut-to-length system.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the forest industry, our staff has the knowledge and expertise to assist you when making land management decisions. When working with us, you will be provided information on reforestation, wildlife habitats, invasive species control, water & soil protection, and much more. We hold our logging contractors to a high standard. State Best Management Practices (BMPs) will be followed and implemented on timber tracts that we harvest. We want to help make sure that there are sustainable, healthy, and productive forests for generations.

While we look for 15+ acre parcels due to cost efficiencies, we are willing to discuss any job needed. We are proud to serve. For more details on pricing and specific services for your land, please contact us.


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Please let us know your contact information and a brief description of the area(s) you would like to harvest.