Mountain Top Timber brings advancements in forestry methods and positioning systems technologies together to provide accurate, efficient and safe timber services for your home or company.


The thinning process is necessary and important for forest health and timber management. Thinning selectively removes trees so that the remaining trees have more access to space, nutrients, and light for growth which leads to higher quality timber product and increased value. By removing immature, dying, or dead trees, the remaining trees have more space, nutrients, and light to reach their potential by growing faster and larger. Thinning also promotes other non-timber uses such as grazing, wildlife, and recreation along with providing periodic incomes.

Tree Replanting:

The natural next step after the harvest of trees is tree replanting. MountainTop Timber provides tree replanting services to regenerate your asset in environmentally responsible matter. Landowners may select from a wide variety of harvesting and regenerating methods. With the next stand of timber, species can be changed or objectives may have changed. No matter which methods is used, our goal is a successful harvest for our consumers that yields high market value, and tree replanting starts that harvest cycle.

Wildlife Food Plot:

Planting food plots is an excellent way to increase the substantiable amount of wildlife on your property along with increasing available nutrition. Food plots do not replace habitat management but compliment the quantity and quality of food occurring naturally in an area. Before planting begins, the wildlife species that you want to attract needs to be determined, and the seasonal requirements of those species. Some wildlife species do not benefit from all food plot plantings. Wildlife species can benefit from different food plot mixtures.

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