We specialize in meeting the individual needs of each and every landowner we have the privilege of working with.

Alabama’s forest industry is an industry with a future. Timber is a renewable resource with a growing worldwide demand for forest product.

MountainTop Timber provides high-quality timber services ranging from home trail creation to commercial timber harvesting.  Our friendly on-site staff are qualified to answer any questions and walk customers through the process.

We believe that responsible forestry practices and the careful harvesting of timber is not only a way to make use of a beautiful renewable resource, but also a way to positively affect the growth of a forest ecosystem. At MountainTop Timber we work hard to preserve and protect our natural resources through the use of modern forestry practices, best management practices, and efficient methods of manufacturing.

We work closely with Certified Foresters to ensure proper thinning. Our loggers use advanced equipment and techniques to minimize any residual damage from logging. Our facilities are designed to efficiently use as much of the log as possible in order to reduce waste.



Our job as registered foresters is to help you realize the rewards of owning woodlands. MTT has been deeply involved in the management of pine and hardwood (oak, ash, poplar, etc.) forests in the South for decades.

Our services cover the spectrum of forest management activities on the ground and in the air.