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MountainTop Timber

MountainTop Timber provides high-quality timber services ranging from residential to commercial timber harvesting, roadway clearance, and reforestration. We pay top of market rates and our friendly staff are qualified to answer any questions and walk customers through the process.


Harvesting of 15+ acre parcels of timber

MountainTop Timber can manage the harvesting of your timber from surveying, access, harvesting, transportation to the mill, and reforstation. 

Real Estate Clearing

MountainTop Timber can come in and clean up a property for a new build or just to make it look better for an upcoming sale.


Forest Thinning for Safety

Worried about too many trees too close together? Let MountainTop Timber come thin your forest and make it safer against forest fire damage. This also promotes growth and creates a healtheir ecosystem.

Roadway Clearance

Putting in a new driveway or road on the property? Just want to move the trees back away from the edge to prevent cars from starting forest fires? MountainTop Timber can show you the light through the trees.



"I'm so glad MountainTop Timber was hired to come and thin our area. It was getting so crowded a tree couldn't hear itself fall in the forest."

"We love the way MountainTop Timber helped change the landscaping on our estate. It has allowed all us named Fern to show our beauty."

"MountainTop Timber is a big supporter of little guys like me. They cleared a spot and gave me my own space. What more could a teenager want?"

MountainTop Timber FAQ

Due to the amount of time and equipment necessary to put in access roads, harvest, chip, and replant, MountainTop Timber bids on 15+ acre parcels. For real estate builds we will bid on smaller properties. 

Timber is a renewable resource that can be harvested over and over in your lifetime. MountainTop Timber pays top of market rates at the time of harvesting to ensure you see the value for your timber. Then just sit back and watch a new forest grow while you enjoy the profits.

During the mid summer and mid winter when the rains are at their lowest. Due to the clay content in the Alabama soil getting trucks in to haul away the timber can be difficult if the ground is saturated with water. 

We have crews all across Alabama that can travel to your area. The real question is whether there is a mill nearby so the time hauling the timber is short. Unless there are multiple mills in the area to choose from for the best prices we will always haul to the nearest mill.  

We try to keep the environment for the wildlife intact while harvesting by leaving nut trees and other habitats in place so animals aren't displaced. We highly encourage reforestration and no clear cutting to help maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Contact MountainTop Timber

Please let us know your contact information and a brief description of the area(s) you would like to harvest.